17 March 2010

A long time...

Hello everyone!

At first I would like to apologize for not writing for such a long time... Time just started to run a bit fast and I couldnt stop to share some things that have happened to me..

Overall life here is fine, very steady. Sometimes even too steady, so I've decided to spend as much time traveling as I can, so the plan so far is to go every weekend to visit some other city and meet some new people, if there is nothing to do in Krupina :D I've already been couple of times to Banska Bystrica, and made a trip to visit another volunteer from Latvia in Vienna. Some parties in small villagies and just fun :) To be honest I dont like to go out in Krupina, since many young people whom I meet in English classes party here, and somehow I dont feel right if they see me in a different state of mind. I know thats probably sounds silly, but thats how I feel :)

As well, I've started "english conversation club", but its quite hard to get pupils to come and not be shy :( I just want to help them by showing from my example that its possible to speak quite good English even if its not one's mother tounge. I guess I should be more patient and give it more time. What are Your thoughts? How should I attract them??? :)

Anyhow, I wish You all a nice week and promise to write soon!!!

25 January 2010

First day at school

Today was my first "conversation class" at school :) It was Russian language and I was positively suprised how interested and not that shy at all children were!!! Because usually when some stranger comes to the class, pupils get shy and are afraid to speak. However, these children even sang for me :D

To be honest teacher wasnt that good, but I can understand her since she doesnt teach Russian... However, she has to because other teacher got into car accident and cannot be at school for some time... Anyhow, I will be very happy to help as much as I can..

I really enjoyed it today!!!

20 January 2010

slowly getting used..

Last weekend was great!
On Friday I went to visit other volunteers in much bigger city and realised how nice it is to escape Krupina sometimes... I like this city, but I sometimes I catch myself thinking that there is no air to breath (ok, maybe its a bit too dramatic..) since town is so small and everyone knows everyone! However, when I was in Banska Bystrica which is only 50 km from here, it felt like no one is watching and if I do something stupid then no one will care :P Of course, I didnt do anything bad, but it was nice for a change to enjoy myself somewhere else in Slovakia!

On Saturday when I got back from BB, I was a bit tired, but full of energy to go out with some nice people here :) To be honest, I am not a disco person.. To get me dancing You first need to get me to a bit different state of mind ;) So, when we went to the "club", I was pretty sure that there will be no dancing from my side, but I was wrong :D After few shots and a drink, I was ready to check that dance floor, which was ok :P I was as well very suprised, that I already know quite a lot people here. It made me think that this is one of those nice things about small cities, because it gives sense of community, on the other hand, it is frustrating, because it lets people to rumor more :P This was the first time in my life when I stayed in the "club" till the end, when everyone slowly is walking towards the door and some people are carried out by security guys..

And on Sunday, I was finally to see some ice-hockey :) It wasnt a professional one, but I still enjoyed it despite the cold in the hall. I realised that it is much, much, much..colder when there are no other viewers inside :P However, watching a game, even if it is amateur, was loads of fun and good relax.

Well, and this week started with me sitting in 2 English language olympiades. I read some texts for pupils and did speaking parts with them. I really do hope that I did my job good, and they could understand me. Of course, teachers told me that I should speak slower since students are not that good, and I know that I have this problem of fast talking :P
Anyhow, slowly, slowly Im moving further and actually thinking a lot about where I belong and what I want to do with my life. I hope EVS answers some of my questions or maybe at least puts me on the right track.. :)

13 January 2010

Some action...

Finally after three weeks of holidays Slovak boys and girls are back to schools!!! This makes me happy since I would like to volunteer at schools and help them out with some English and Russian language conversations :) I dont know how will it go and will teachers be interested in that, but on Monday me and my colleague went to three of Krupina's schools and principals in all of them seemed very nice.

One big minus is that people here think that if I am from Latvia it means our national language is Russian... well, at least it feels that they think like that. Maybe its because of the Soviet Union or just because people arent interested in other cultures... Im just angry since every time I have to explain that I know Russian because of my roots (which are Belarussian by the way) and that I have never studied Russian, which means I can speak it and I tought myself how to read in it, but I dont write.. Anyhow, I think its good to speak as many languages as possible and I am proud to speak Russian, I just dont want people to put Latvia into Russian speaking nation, because both language are pretty different!

Speaking of English, then I think I have it on a quite ok level :P It was just funny that one of the principals was asking "what about Your English?", "well, will see how it goes..." :D its just funny..

Overall Im satisfied and I really, really do hope that something starts to move further! I know, I was warnned by other volunteers that it takes some time (up to 2 month) when things start to work out, Im just getting a bit tired to sit on my ass..

And today I got my Slovak living permission :) Picture is horrible, but at least I can sleep better knowing that everything is legal in case anyone asks.. :P

Well, that would be shortly from me.
Hugs to everyone!!!

07 January 2010

New Year, new inspirations

My first post this year :)
I dont really know what to write this time since there is not much happening, because Slovaks have pretty long holiday season... Children for three weeks are free from school!!! So, I cannot really start offering my help since there is no one to help to :P So far I have decided that I should help with Russian and English languages in schools, because I cannot make any other project due to language barrier...
Actually language barrier is not that bad anymore since I can understand much more and when I go out and people try to test me then I am very proud of myself since I can pass their tests ;) My problem is that I dont have that big vocabulary :( And I really, really want to speak Slovak ASAP!
Speaking of new observations about Slovaks, well then You should notice that when You meet a new person here, You greet him/her with shaking hand and giving kiss on both cheeks :) For a person from North, where people are a bit colder :P it is unusual behaviour, however, if at first I was a bit uncomfortable then now Im pretty used to that and I actually like it a lot :) Because it breaks ice between people much faster!
Oh... I forgot to mention that I have been to some discos here :D Im not that big of a disco person as many of You know, but I have to explore all the aspects of Slovak life and since many people here go there, I will try to enjoy it, too :)
And to all my girls, new observation about Slovak men... They are very, very, very... funny!!! I have never met so many funny men in one place :D

31 December 2009

First Christmas and second New Year in Slovakia

Its been a while again since I wrote here... However, I hope no one is angry with me ;)

I wanted to say a bit late "Merry Christmas" and in few hours A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ;) Hope next year brings loads of happiness and success!!!
Its going to be my year (and all those born in '86), if we look at the Chinese horoscope, so I am looking very much forward to it and hope it brings me more luck ;)

Anyhow, more posts next year ;)

Loads of hugs to everyone

20 December 2009

for ladies :)

I guess some of my girl-friends would like to know a bit more about men in Slovakia :)
Well, in two weeks I have discovered that here are two types of guys-
1. very self-confident
2. a bit shy
However, both are very cute! When I know something more, I'll let You know ;)